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Books, Guides, etc.

Architecture and Design (Software)


  • Authorization Academy

    Authorization Academy is a series of (free) technical guides for building application authorization. Learn about RBAC, ReBAC, authorization enforcement, and authorization in microservices.


Computer Science

  • Computer Science from the Bottom Up (09/11/2023)

  • What every systems programmer should know about concurrency (09/11/2023)

  • Paged Out!

    Paged Out! is a free experimental (one article == one page) technical magazine about programming (especially programming tricks!), hacking, security hacking, retro computers, modern computers, electronics, demoscene, and other similar topics.

  • Beej's Guides

    Beej's Guides are a great resource for learning about a variety of topics. They cover everything from network programming to low-level programming, and are a great resource for anyone looking to learn about these topics.



  • Database Internals (01/18/2024)

    This book is a comprehensive guide to database systems, covering the internal architecture of databases and the components that make them work. It's a great resource for understanding how databases work under the hood.


Developer Experience

  • The Developer Experience Book (01/18/2024)

    I haven't really read much into this book yet. It's free, so I figured I'd add it to the list and come back to it later. I'm not sure if it's worth reading, but I'll give it a shot.








Rust Async


This book might be interesting if you:

  • Want to take a deep dive into what concurrency is and strategies on how to deal with it

  • Are curious on how to make syscalls on three different platforms, and do it on three different abstraction levels

  • Want to know more about how the OS, CPU and hardware handles concurrency

  • Want to learn the basics of Epoll, Kqueue and IOCP

  • Think using our research to write a toy node.js runtime is pretty cool

  • Want to know more about what the Node event loop really is, and why most diagrams of it on the web are pretty misleading

  • Already know some Rust but want to learn more

Rust CLI

Rust Data

Rust Guidelines & Basics

Rust Security

Rust Full Stack

Rust Languages and Interpreters


Site Reliability Engineering



Web Development

  • The Copenhagen Book

    The Copenhagen Book provides a general guideline on implementing auth in web applications. It is free, open-source, and community-maintained.